The social, political and military reality is often hidden from us.
We live in a world of corruption, violation of human rights, wars,
deaths and extreme politics.

This diploma project was realized at the School of Applied Arts
of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The only constraint given was the
"Extreme" theme. This has been a work of both graphic design,
edition and a lot of investigation.

This newspaper contains information published on the WikiLeaks
website, in physical form. ExtremeLeaks is designed to disclose and
disseminate as widely as possible confidential documents that are
extreme in terms of their amount of information and the meaning of
their content. I graphically interpreted each of these themes differently
while keeping an overall visual line of the newspaper.

There are five themes for the five days of the week and for each of
these themes, an article will be published.

Newspaper (375 x 530 mm)
Paper: 55gsm newsprint