BA Practical Thesis, Extraterrestrial Language

This scriptural writing is a syllabary, a writing system composed of symbols representing syllables.
Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a given base form.
All these forms are based on a grid illustrating the diagram of the multiverse theory, a hypothesis that suggests the existence of multiple universes.
The grid is divided into two sections. The shapes representing the vowels are located in the upper part of the grid, while the shapes of the consonants are located in the lower part.
Consonants and vowels are bring together to create syllables of two, three or four letters. They thus give rise to a new symbol that results from the fusion of consonants and given vowels.

88 pages, 297x420mm
Paper, Maxi Gloss 170 g/m2
Typeface, Antique

EX SITU. © 2019 Carolina Sanches. Hochschule der Künste Bern.

Mentors      Fabian Harb
                    Laurent Cocchi